Buffalo Killers Stream their New Record “Fireball of Sulk” Early

BUFFALO KILLERS: left to right – Zachary Gabbard, Sven Kahns, Andrew Gabbard, Joseph Sebaali (photo: Scott Beseler)
(Cincinnati, OH) – The bearded, classic rock loving dudes in Buffalo Killers will be releasing a brand new record on 11/24 called Fireball of Sulk. Today, with the help of Yahoo! Music, they are letting you hear the new tracks early. Check it out here.


Not to sound like a broken record, but our albums really reflect where we are in a particular moment,” vocalist/bassist Zach Gabbard told Yahoo! “Once the album is finally released, we have traveled 6-12 months of road and we are so far from that point of creation that to hear it again is exciting on many levels – we finally get to share the material with everyone and we have enough distance from it, that we can enjoy it in an all-new way.


Gabbard continued, “‘Fireball of Sulk’ is our 7th studio album. We are super proud of that fact. It’s really unheard of for a band these days. We’ve made more records than all my heroes.”

When asked to talk about writing particular songs on the record Gabbard said “From a songwriting standpoint, I had a time-traveling experience. I was working on ‘Weird One’ and recalled a song that I had written 15 years ago, ‘Marshmallow Mouth,’ and resurrected it for this album because they are both reflecting on my youth – only one was written during that time and the other, as a man 15 years older, reflecting on that time period.


Fireball of Sulk (produced by Jim Wirt at Crushtone Studios) is a follow up to Heavy Reverie, the full-length that landed Buffalo Killers a spot on last season’s Last Call with Carson Daly. The record is available for pre-order along with exclusive merch and each purchase comes with an instant download of the song “Marshmallow Mouth.” Physical copies of Fireball also include a second bonus disc with all the songs from Heavy Reverie.
Upcoming Shows:
11/22 @ The Stone Fox – Nashville, TN
11/26 @ Northside Tavern – Cincinnati, OH
11/28 @ Canal Street Tavern – Dayton, OH
12/12 @ Skully’s – Columbus, OH
12/13 @ Musica – Akron, OH
1. Blankets On The Sun
2. Weird One
3. Marshmallow Mouth
4. Something Else
5. Don’t Cry To Me
6. In a Number
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